Cloud Hosting

The Internet Platform Open Cloud

What is the Open Cloud?

An open cloud offers choice, innovation and freedom. By eliminating vendor lock-in, you now have the freedom to choose where you run your applications. And to top it all off, the rapid innovation inherently created by open-source technologies and communities ensuring our technology will evolve quicker.

Cloud Servers

  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing starting at 2p/hour
  • Linux or Windows servers in minutes
  • Open APIs for customised control
  • Get extra support with a Managed Service Level

Storage and Data

Cloud Files

  • Unlimited, on-demand storage starting at 7p/GB
  • Serve content fast with CDN, powered by Akamai
  • Easy to access via Control Panel or API

Cloud Databases

  • High-performance cloud hosting for your MySQL databases
  • Built-in data replication for greater reliability
  • Automated deployment, configuration, and patching

Cloud Backup

  • File-level backup and restore to help safeguard your business
  • Automatic compression and de-duplication
  • Optional AES-256 Encryption

Cloud Load Balancers

  • Software load balancers on-demand, starting at 1p/hour
  • Advanced load balancing algorithms
  • Dedicated (static) IP Address

Hybrid Hosting

  • The best of both Cloud and Managed Hosting
  • Ultimate in flexible, scalable and secure hosting
  • Tailored to your own business needs



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