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Mid to Large Business Solutions

Internet Platform delivers an exceptional service to provide the complex hosting needs of mid to large organisations.

Whether you have departmental or corporate-wide infrastructure requirements, websites or applications, you can rely on public cloud, private cloud, dedicated hosting and hybrid hosting solutions from Internet Platform. We are the best partner of choice.

Host a business application

Hosting your business apps at Internet Platform frees your IT department to do more.

Focus on what really matters

Gartner has estimated that 80% of IT resources are spent on maintenance, not adding new value. To IT pros who spend their time patching software, performing upgrades, and backing up data, that number sounds low. Internet Platform can manage your mission-critical business applications so your IT team can spend more time strategizing ways to help your business succeed. View the applications that we manage.

Reliable application performance

Applications that work most of the time are not good enough. Your users require always-on access to the tools they need to do their jobs. When you work with Internet Platform, you get the reliable performance that you need, without having to add staff.

Fully supported

We are committed to delivering 24x7x365 support for your mission-critical business applications. Your business can count on Internet Platform due to our experience, commitment to transparency, responsiveness, and reliability.

Get extra capacity for campaigns

Let Internet Platform provide the server resources for your viral campaigns or traffic-intensive apps.

When opportunity strikes, you don’t have time to wait for IT services to become available. You need server resources now. And you don’t have time to manage them yourself. Fortunately, Internet Platform is always ready to help you with the capacity you need, whether it’s one server or a thousand.

Trust our expertise

You’re an expert in your business, not in server configuration. So let us help decide the best way to architect, deploy, and maintain the infrastructure for your project. That way, you can spend your time doing what you do best, instead of learning about IT. Learn more about Advisory Services.

Limit your risks

You never know which advertising campaigns or new applications will become wild successes. Internet Platform lets you start small to limit your risk of an idea not panning out, then expand quickly when you need to.

Run a SAAS application

Internet Platform solutions for ISVs evolve with you. Start simple. Grow huge.

Stay lean

Building an application is complex. Don’t let mundane but essential details like patching software or upgrading hardware distract you. Let us manage your core infrastructure, so you can focus on your app without adding staff.

Pay as you grow

Don’t go crazy buying servers you don’t even need yet. With our huge portfolio of hosting options, you can start small, with a pay-as-you-go test environment. Then move into production when you’re ready, and expand as you need to. When your global empire includes your own data centres, we can manage your cloud there, too.

Advisory services

Internet Platform Advisory Services provides fantastic support during your strategic IT planning process. Powered by a dedicated team of Enterprise IT Architects, the Internet Platform Advisory Services Team understands the challenging needs of the enterprise and will work with your organization to strategically craft a plan that allows you to take advantage of the increased agility, scalability and cost savings of cloud computing.

Let our thought leaders create your seamless journey to the cloud.

To help turn your cloud vision into reality, the Internet Platform Advisory Services team offers two consultative services:

IT Evolution Workshop

The goal of the IT Evolution Workshop is to help you craft an actionable plan and unified roadmap to support your future IT strategy. Through a collaborative white board and strategic planning session with your IT leadership and key stakeholders, we help you align to a common vision. Our Enterprise Architects will explore your holistic current environment and pursue best-fit solutions—including public cloud, private cloud, and a “best of both worlds” hybrid solution.

Cloud Readiness Assessment Services

The Cloud Readiness Assessment provides customers the detailed intelligence and insight necessary to complete their strategic IT vision and make game changing, innovative decisions regarding their cloud computing strategy.

Our Enterprise IT Architects review your current application portfolio and through consultative sessions and multi-dimensional analysis, they provide a concrete recommendation for cloud adoption.

Microsoft sharepoint

With SharePoint, you can unite business intelligence (BI), content management, social networking, file sharing, process workflows, and more into one application.

We’re always available to answer your questions. Have a problem? We’re committed to providing the service you need to keep your SharePoint installation running smoothly.

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