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Increase sales with a high conversion website from Internet Platform

Internet Platform specialises in building proven scalable eCommerce website solutions that deliver results for our clients. Our flexible eCommerce framework allows clients to pick and choose modules that best fit their business

About eCommerce

what is eCommerce?

eCommerce is simply the process of selling products and services via the internet. As a part of Retail Sales Data, eCommerce has been growing steadily since the mid-late 1990’s, trailing the internet boom by only a few years. Despite early stumbles and mistaken beliefs that led to the bursting of the Dot-Com bubble in the early 2000’s, eCommerce is now in a much more stable (and understood) market position. Moving into eCommerce is possibly one of the smartest decisions that any retail company can make in this day and age – the internet is only getting bigger and with a greater amount of revenue moving through online channels it makes sense to supplement physical shopping outlets with virtual.

eCommerce business models

A lot of companies succeed using a business model with eCommerce systems at its core. Removing a customer facing environment allows the business to concentrate on product supply, marketing and gaining the loyalty of a wider range of customers who are able to shop at all hours of the day.
There are many eCommerce models in existence: Single Channel eCommerce websites linked to integrated back end systems, eBay Store Selling , Amazon Marketplace Listings and Multichannel Web businesses. Internet Platform are experts in building and integrating the systems needed for any business and we are capable of producing the specialist software required when business models are not supported by off the shelf products.

retail vs eCommerce

Many businesses contemplate reducing their retail operations in favour of an eCommerce solution others begin as eCommerce businesses with the intention of creating enough of a brand name that they can open a retail location. Each route has its positive aspects and unlike many eCommerce companies, Internet Platform support retail business just as strongly as we do eCommerce because we see both channels as valid and useful to your business. We do not see that there is conflict between Retail and eCommerce, rather we see that each channel you add to your company’s sales, providing it is financially viable, is useful.

Latest eCommerce Statistics

eCommerce shopping carts

Our eCommerce websites allow you to advertise and sell your products online using our advanced shopping cart software. Internet Platform have a dedicated team that specialise in building bespoke shopping websites with simple, easy to navigate shopping carts.

By having your eCommerce shopping cart built by web developers you can be sure that it will have advanced coding and be easy to change to meet future requirements. You may come across template software but this will not give the benefits of professional, user friendly software as mentioned below.

Shopping cart software

Our software is developed in house by our experienced eCommerce developers, giving us the ability to amend coding where required so that our clients are provided with an eCommerce website that meets their exact specifications. The Internet Platform shopping cart software is completely secure and meets government recommended PCI scanning to ensure that no hackers can access the confidential data that goes through the transaction process.

For your shopping cart you will need to choose a payment gateway to process your transactions, we offer our own ePayments gateway which enables quick and simple transactions within an in-line solution. We also have the software to integrate with a number of different payment providers including PayPal, WorldPay and NoChex.

User friendly shopping cart

The shopping cart or basket is arguably the most important part of your eCommerce solutions, if users reach this point then they are ready to buy your products and only poor quality software is going to get in their way before they manage to send payment. We design our eCommerce websites with the customers in mind, making the shopping cart easy to find and simple to understand. We know that the buying process has to be quick otherwise users will drop off, so we make our shopping cart process as simple and easy as possible. We only include pages and fields that are necessary to complete a successful transaction, so customers can continue shopping straight away.

If you would like more information on our eCommerce solutions and shopping carts please contact our eCommerce experts.

eCommerce website support

At Internet Platform we want to help you keep your website up-to-date and functioning as you would like it to after your website has gone live. We have put processes in place to ensure that your website is taken care of years after the initial build with our website support solutions.

eCommerce support packages

Our eCommerce support packages ensure that your website is backed up regularly, so we have a copy of the most up-to-date version of the website. Bugs or errors can occur without reason on any websites or web-based applications at any time, when you have a website you need to be aware of these risks. However our support team are highly experienced on internet bugs and are able to fix your website as soon as they find the source of the problem. With a support package any bug fixes are covered without charge for extra work, as you might find with other web development companies on the internet.

Website support solution

Our standard website support solution also includes any minor changes or enhancements you would like for the website, small design changes or coding changes. We always aim for our customers to be very pleased with the support services we offer which enables them to update areas of their website quickly through our support team. If you need to update product prices or details in bulk you will find it much quicker to let us do it for you rather spending the time to do it yourself. Our current clients also submit requests such as banner or image changes, additional fields within their content management system or change data shown on reports. The monthly support package is found to be very beneficial and gives customers a team of web development experts at Internet Platform to rely on should anything go wrong, or should any alterations/modifications be needed on their website.

If you do register for our website support services after your site is live we can offer discounted prices on further work or enhancements that you require. By committing to our services we are happy to offer reduced prices for extra services requested by our valued customers.

At Internet Platform we specialise in building eCommerce websites and building web-based applications from scratch to provide customers with their perfect online solution. Unfortunately, even though we code and test our websites in the most advanced way, bugs from the internet can enter the system and we try to fix these as soon as possible for you. Through our comprehensive testing procedures we make it difficult for any major bugs or hackers to enter any of our website solutions but it cannot be prevented completely. Our site support packages are in place to give us the opportunity to check for any errors on your website once it goes live and to repair any problems we find quickly and efficiently.

Contact our expert eCommerce website team for more information on how we look after our websites after the initial build and development.

Content management system

A content management system (CMS) is an application that bolts onto the back of a website to create, edit, review, index, search, publish and archive pages on the site. The content management system is not only used on eCommerce websites but also on brochure websites where images and information about the services needs to be updated and added on a regular basis. Pages such as special offers, news and added functionality can be added to the site quickly and easily.

Flexible content management solution

At Internet Platform we understand that our clients need to change their website on a regular basis, which means that they don’t want to incur the usual hourly rate that would be charged if an outside web design company were to change it for you. Many off-the-shelf content management systems do a great job as basic tasks are done quickly and without hassle. Unfortunately, like most off-the-shelf software packages, they are restricted to basic tasks and will struggle when it comes to future website development. This means that a budget CMS option may look appealing initially but any future development of the site could be hindered by the limited CMS and a more advanced option will need to be purchased.

Future proof solution

Our future proof solution can handle any online functionality from adding blog modules and newsletter sign up to email marketing and news modules. Our content management system is flexible to suit all of the needs of the website and can adapt to site expansion. With any new feature or functionality that is added to the site over the years, the CMS is fully capable of developing in line with future functionality.

One editing solution

The Internet Platform CMS can also become the central point for editing and adding pages to a number of websites through a skinnable solution. This means that you can fully control a number of different websites, even a number of businesses, from one place which saves hours of work logging in to several systems all with different interfaces and functionality. One CMS means one system to learn for you and your colleagues, which also means one company to come back to you if you have any questions about the functionality or development.

Selling Online

Sell online

Selling online is on the way to taking over the retail industry, around 20% of all retail sales are now made online and this figure is increasing year on year. Retail stores are taking their products online to reach a wider audience and benefit from the higher visitor levels that come with good online marketing.

Why sell your products online?

Selling online is about advertising on the World Wide Web and allowing users to purchase products from an online store rather than having to go physically to your store. A lot of shoppers prefer this method because it is easy, they can go at any time to your website.

Everyone’s selling online

Modern generations don’t tend to pay very much attention to any retail store that they cannot find on the internet, it is virtually unheard-of to have a shop but not a website. There are also a lot of retailers who are going straight online without ever having an actual store, as it well known to be cheaper and easier to manage an online store. Almost every company these days has a website and without one you are likely to be seen as a business so small that customers won’t bother with you. Users may think that your business is small and untrustworthy if you do not have a site or the ability to sell your stock online. You can easily come across as a business that is simply not good enough.

A huge proportion of people use the internet throughout their day, for work and for entertainment. You can find all of the information you could ever need to know online, which is why the internet is used a lot for searching. Whether you are searching for products, services, information or places, the internet is the first place people look to find something, that’s why it is essential that you can be found online.

Selling your products online is easy

Selling products online is easy and quick. You don’t have to spend time talking to customers all day because the website takes care of everything for you. With a well built website that is marketed correctly it will bring in traffic for you without constant assistance, unlike a land based store, you can leave your website alone to work by itself. eCommerce websites are also extremely easy to manage and if built by our team of experts will have clear and simple navigation for you and your customers.

Sell more online

Sell more online with a high conversion eCommerce website from Internet Platform, along with SEO to drive traffic and Conversion Rate Optimisation to drive conversions.

At Internet Platform we spend our time working to build eCommerce websites for companies looking to sell their products or services online and ensuring that each solution we create suits our customer requirements perfectly. We can also help to market your website once live, find out how we can help to create your brand identity online and design you a professional website solution by calling now to speak to our eCommerce experts.

How to sell your products online

Building an eCommerce website is how you are able to sell your products online direct to your customers. eCommerce websites enable you to showcase products and purchase products within minutes of logging on to the online store. At Internet Platform we integrate a payment gateway into your website so that you can take secure credit card payments from customers online quickly and easily. Within an eCommerce website you can also organise your stock, customer details and orders to create effective internal processes for management. Selling online can be very simple, you just have to find the right eCommerce solution.

Sell online via an eCommerce solution

You can sell your products online without an eCommerce website, such as selling through third parties like eBay or Amazon, however this doesn’t give the same impression to users. Creating a professional business image is much more effective by having your website rather than just having a page on someone else’s site. If you find that your target market are using auction websites like eBay then you can always integrate your eCommerce store with eBay to gain the benefits from both sides.

Internet marketing can help you sell online

Once you have the eCommerce solution that displays the products in the best way possible, you need to drive traffic to the website either through the traditional marketing methods or through the internet marketing channels. Internet marketing is very quickly becoming a necessity with any business, especially for an eCommerce company and especially if it is a brand new website from scratch. One of the more popular and most successful methods of internet marketing is search engine optimisation, which uses different techniques to try and boost the search rankings of the website.

As Internet Platform have an expert dedicated team of SEO specialists, we are already focused on building the website with SEO in mind. This means you will receive an eCommerce solution that is optimised and easy to read for the search engines. It is important that the code is written to a high standard so it complies with internet standards such as W3C and WAI. Without this compliancy, search engines will not be able to crawl the site to the best of its ability and this could affect the search engine rankings.

As well as building the eCommerce solution, Internet Platform also provide a range of internet marketing services to continue to help your business make your eCommerce store as profitable as it possibly can be. We offer services including search engine optimisation, email marketing, pay per click marketing and link building. From working and building up a rapport with Internet Platform on your eCommerce solution, clients will gain confidence in our ability and continue the partnership. Our clients have found this a much more hassle free solution and the success from this partnership has seen a growth of the business in a relatively short space of time.

Tips for selling online

Selling your products online can help your business to grow dramatically but without the right selling tips and tools you won’t receive half of the results that can be achieved. Follow our simple tips for selling online to draw in traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Professional website design

The design of your online store is really important, if your customers don’t like the design or don’t feel it’s professional they will not buy from your website. A user will know within 8 seconds whether they are going to buy from your website or not so you haven’t got long to make an impression. It’s essential that the user finds the web design appealing in the first instance when they see the website.

Easy management of website

Make sure your website is easy to manage and update so you can change the website when required to keep up with changes in the industry and amend products quickly. Without easy management of the site you will waste time speaking to developers and requesting changes while the website is showing incorrect information.

Good images

The aesthetics of the website really help to sell products and attract users, which is why design is so important, but this also means that your product images need to be really good. Poor quality images make the website look unprofessional and your customers will lose confidence in the company. Get high quality product images which have been taken professionally, not in your living room, to demonstrate the class of the products. We can help with producing the images that you require for your website.

Take payments online

The main benefit for users to search and buy products online is that they can pay straight away whilst on the website, without the need to call or visit a store in person. Build an eCommerce website with an integrated secure payment gateway so users can purchase products quickly and easily.

Selling strategy

Before you build your eCommerce website or open an eBay store you should research your market and create a strategy for your online marketing. After a website is built you need to market the site to bring in traffic so work out your strategy and budget before you start.

At Internet Platform we build specialist, customised eCommerce websites bespoke to your exact requirements. We also offer internet marketing solutions so you can receive all of your internet services from one company, saving you time and money in the future.

Sell more online

Sell more online with a high conversion eCommerce solution from Internet Platform, in conjunction with a successful SEO Campaign to drive traffic, and a Conversion Rate Optimisation project to drive conversions and online sales.

eCommerce Functionality

Internet Platform eCommerce features and functions

Internet Platform have a proven track record in helping clients turn internet business ideas into a reality: successful and profitable online businesses are what we consistently build. The Internet Platform eCommerce solution is the engine behind this which does not compromise on functionality and is intuitive and easy to use. The added benefit of our eCommerce website solution is that the creative design of the website is unique to your business allowing you to stand out from the rest of your competition. Additionally, all the integration needed for acceptance of credit and debit card payments online is all taken care of for you, either by our own ePayments service or a wide selection of supported third party payment gateways.

Scalable eCommerce

The Internet Platform eCommerce framework is a highly scalable platform providing you with a flexible eCommerce solution that allows you to pick and choose eCommerce modules as and when your business grows. Why is this important? Well we understand your eCommerce project may initially have budgetary constraints, however, by choosing our eCommerce solution you will be making an investment in your online store that can be built upon in future. At Internet Platform we have a team of eCommerce specialists who specialise in building robust eCommerce platforms using a wealth of programming languages, such as ASP, .NET and Web Services.

The table below illustrates the core features of our eCommerce framework.


eCommerce Modules

Pick and choose from our add-on modules

Our flexible eCommerce framework allows clients to pick and choose modules that best fit their business.

Promo code module..

Ability to set discount codes either as a % or number of redemptions. Provides incentive to customers to return to the website and purchase using the discount code

Gift voucher module..

Allows customers to purchase gift vouchers via the website either to receive them electronically or in printed format. Gives the customer greater choice to purchase gifts for their friends.

Tell a friend about a product module..

Allows customers to instantly send an email to their friend when looking at a product they know their friend would be interested in purchasing. Provides a mechanism to enhance the websites viral marketing capabilities

Image zoom capability..

Gives the customer the ability to zoom into the product to focus on the detail and quality so that it feels like they are in a shop. Ideal module for websites that want to sell high quality items or items that have a lot of detail

White label module..

Ability to have one database and one content management system (easy to manage) but multiple websites allowing further touch points to go to market

Single page check out..

Makes the buying process easy for the customer by them having to make fewer clicks. Minimises drop outs and increases conversions

Delivery rules calculated by weight..

Ideal for customers who wish to sell ‘heavier’ products via their website. At the shopping cart page the solution will automatically calculate the delivery cost by the weight of the product

Multi currency..

Allows the customer to purchase by different currencies. Extends the websites target market

Product reviews..

Gives the customer the opportunity to submit reviews of the products they have bought. Encourages other customers to buy products that have great reviews

Gift wrap and gift message module..

Allows the customer to have the choice to gift wrap their purchase for a special occasion

Wish list module..

Allows the customer to take their time choosing their products and save them to a list where they can either decide to purchase these products at a later date or send an email to friends explaining these are the products they would like to have – ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, and other special occasions

SMS integration..

To add value to your site by updating your customers via SMS of where their product is from a delivery perspective, for example partially shipped, despatched etc

Sage invoice module..

Ability to download your sales order directly into Sage via our integration methodologies

Parcel tracking integration..

Integrate your solution to one of the major delivery service companies, Parcelforce, UPS , and more to instantly inform your customer to where their parcel is

Product bulk upload/export..

By the press of a button have the ability to quickly update or export all of your product details in one go

CRM module..

Internet Platform are specialists in building bespoke web based applications to increase productivity and streamline your processes

Quotation module..

Internet Platform are specialists in building bespoke web based applications to increase productivity and streamline your processes

Bundle module..

Internet Platform are specialists in building bespoke web based applications to increase productivity and streamline your processes

Enhanced / customised reporting..

Our team of experts can create any type of report that you require to fit your business needs

Video and interactive demonstrations..

Add live talking characters that grab attention and stimulate enquires. Video can generate more enquires because people and pictures communicate fare better than text

Blogs & forums..

Blogs and Forums are a great way of building up the content of your website, you can add new articles everyday of different topics all relating to your website very easily through your CMS. By doing this you will be posting lots of your keywords and other words that are all specific to your market area which search engines can crawl through

RSS integration..

With billions of web pages on the WWW keeping up to date with the latest information is a headache. By implementing RSS you can keep your customers up to date by delivering the latest news direct to them

XML system integrations..

Internet Platform specialises in building bespoke web based applications to increase productivity and streamline your processes. Our web based application can easily integrate into your current business processes

EPOS integration..

For retailers we are able to integrate into existing electronic point of sales (EPOS) solutions or alternatively we are able to offer a fully integrated EPOS with eCommerce solution

MOTO integration..

Our Mail Order module allows clients to enter manual orders into the content management system on the eCommerce solution. It enables them to enter all of the order details into the database so it can be processed as a standard order and customer details can be saved on the system for any future orders

High conversion websites

Want to sell more online? An eCommerce website is only as good as its design.

How is your eCommerce site performing? A well thought out eCommerce solution has the ability to convert traffic at a higher rate than ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. This means more sales and ultimately more revenue for your business.

Creating high conversion websites involves more than just offering products for sale; visitors need to be guided through a buying journey that gives them the information that they want at the point at which they want it. Checkout processes need to be intelligent with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities carefully targeted.

The design of a successful eCommerce website maximises the use of areas on the page that are proven to achieve a higher click through rate in order to create a funnel that encourages consumers to purchase.

Through specialist analysis, in depth research and over 15 years industry experience our expert eCommerce team can create high conversion websites that will give your business the power to succeed on the web.

See what an increase in conversion rate through Conversion Rate Optimisation and High Conversion Website Design could do for you:

Conversion Rate Traffic Volume Orders Revenue
1% 10,000 100 £10,000
2% 10,000 200 £20,000
3% 10,000 300 £30,000


Enquire about our award winning eCommerce solutions now to see how we can help you grow your business

Multi Channel eCommerce

What is a multi-channel retail solution?

Multi channel eCommerce gives you the opportunity to sell your products not just via your eCommerce site but by various other retail channels such as the following marketplaces eBay,, amazon, priceminister and fnac, but also traditional MOTO (mail order telephone order), and EPOS (electronic point of sale) giving your retail business greater exposure to increase sales.

The Internet Platform eCommerce framework enables you to incorporate transactions from all of these retail channels in one location, for example sales orders, products, returns, suppliers, purchase orders, customer details and much more. By having all of this invaluable retailing data in one central database allows you to effectively manage your eCommerce business, marketplaces, retail shops, streamline internal processes and reduce costs. Our eCommerce framework can be built to fit your exact multi channel retailing requirements – bringing it all together.

More info

Multilingual eCommerce

What is a multilingual eCommerce solution?

Translating your website into many different languages means that your website will be accessible for users across globe rather than being restricted to users that can only speak English. This will open up your business to a much larger audience and give international internet users the opportunity to purchase from your website.

Help your business to grow and expand by enabling different people to read and order from your online store. Without multilingual functionality your website will always be restricted to English speaking customers, which is only around one quarter of the world’s population.

If a customer is looking to buy from you, then they will expect you to speak their language. Customers won’t buy from a website that they cannot fully understand. This is why you need a multilingual eCommerce solution to meet customer requirements and help your business grow internationally.

How do I make my website multilingual?

The first stage of converting a website to incorporate multilingual capabilities is to translate the text on your eCommerce website. Internet Platform offer translation of copy into any language that you require so you don’t have to worry about translation at all, simply provide the text and we can obtain the new text in every language required for you.

We can add the multilingual capabilities into your content management system by enabling multiple language functionality where you can enter different descriptions and options for each language, for all products, categories and content pages. This will be automatically pulled through for the language that the user has selected. You can flip between language versions of your website to view the different text versions.

Our bespoke, global eCommerce solutions mean that you can add as many versions of the website as possible. We can build the solution to your exact requirements, whether you are after one main website with different language versions, or multiple sites managed from the same CMS. This will provide a different domain for each language which would be more SEO friendly if you are looking to market your business across the target countries.

To complete your international eCommerce solution, add multi-currency eCommerce functionality to enable your users to process orders on your website and accept payment in all relevant currencies. For more information on our global eCommerce solutions and how our advanced team can help your business to grow internationally, please contact our experts today.

Multicurrency eCommerce

Multicurrency eCommerce solutions

The global appeal of the internet is undoubted with billions of people able to access the internet every day. In terms of generating business online, your eCommerce website must appeal to a much wider audience as the years go on and the appeal of purchasing orders abroad get bigger. Customers no longer have to compare the price with one shop on the high street with another but from a wide variety of different businesses from around the world. This makes it very competitive and the easier you can make it for the customer the better.

Accept orders in different currencies

The ability to have a multi currency eCommerce solution can be a major selling point to users and set your business apart from the competition. The multi currency eCommerce solution also takes into account any additional charges that are applicable to that destination, such as Value Added Tax (VAT) in Britain. This means that your customer will see the final price including shipping price in the appropriate currency before placing the order and avoiding any surprises when they eventually receive the bill. This improved service for customer’s breed’s confidence in the eCommerce website, the business and the products and services on offer.

International markets

Many online retailers thrive on the business that they receive from overseas and sometimes find that their products appeal more to certain international markets. This ability to further appeal to a variety of different international markets means that you can even use internet marketing tactics to make the site appeal more to these markets.

Automatic exchange rate

There is two ways of having the multi currency functionality on your website; an automatic exchange rate facility or the ability to manually add the converted prices. Having the automatic exchange rate means that the site calculates the exact price of the product at that moment in relation to the latest exchange rate. This means that the customer is getting the most up to date price but this means that the additional service will cost more. For this option we also recommend having separate merchant ID’s with separate bank accounts for each currency as the transaction will incur additional fees from the bank. The alternative manual option in the content management system means that you can set the price of the product for each currency to ensure that the money coming in will be the same with every transaction of that product. This makes it much easier in terms for the accounting for the business as the prices will not change.

Internet Platform offer mutlilingual eCommerce functionality with the multi currency solution for our eCommerce solutions for businesses looking to appeal to international markets. To find how your business can do the same and reap the rewards that others are currently receiving, please contact our eCommerce specialists.

Multiskin international websites

Global eCommerce

Global eCommerce solutions

Bespoke eCommerce solutions give you the ability to access a huge online market and offer your customers endless possibilities to improve their experience on your website. By opening up your market to online shoppers your business can increase sales dramatically and quickly. Internet Platform offers the ability to push your business further, to reach more new markets and audiences by providing global internet advertising solutions.

How do I make my eCommerce website global?

To obtain traffic from countries around the globe your website needs to be advertised to the appropriate locations. Internet marketing techniques are carried out specific to locations, for example if you are using search engine optimisation to market your site then you will need to optimise against different search engines depending on each country. You may find that optimising to will bring in traffic from different area’s but these users will reach barriers once they reach your website. In order to fully optimise and target customers worldwide your eCommerce solution requires multilingual and multi-currency functionality.

Internet marketing

It’s important to research the most effective marketing methods in your target country and begin a campaign for each location in order to bring in the most amount of relevant customers. Just one part of an internet marketing campaign targeting foreign language users will be to translate keywords for SEO and PPC and ensure that you are completely aware of local differences.

Internet Platform offer complete global eCommerce solutions with the multilingual and multi-currency functionality as mentioned above as well as full online marketing solutions to draw in traffic as soon as your website is live.

Payment Gateways

Internet Marketing for eCommerce


Why choose Internet Platform as your eCommerce supplier

There are many factors which set us apart from our competition. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • Proven track record at creating successful, profitable eCommerce web sites
  • Flexibility and adaptablility of our solutions. We can customise your solution as you grow or your needs change
  • Personal service via a dedicated account manager
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • eCommerce experts
  • We deliver professional and quality results
  • Excellent value for money


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